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Mambo Gorilla Safaris, is an African based Tour Agency, offering the best safaris in mainly Uganda, Rwanda,Burundi,Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo and other neighboring countries. We have over 9 years experience in the tourism industry, and our main objective is to provide our clients with the best quality services at affordable prices.

Our staff members are highly qualified and trained to attend to all your inquiries and advise you accordingly on the best option that will suit your needs. MAMBO means Things In Swahili and in that we mean Things you expect on your African Adventure Here The nearby Virunga Mountains (Mgahinga National Park) and Bwindi Impenetrable National National Park provide the only natural habitat for the rare MountainGorilla and are one of the major tourist attractions in the region.Mambo Gorilla SAFARIS provides exception service in providing custom tours both in Uganda and Rwanda.

Mambo Gorilla Safaris provides not just a tour, but a lifetime Experience!!! We also cares about our community, please check the Community section for information about Loving hearts Helping Hands Primary school, A school reaching out to orphan and needy Children around the lake Bunyonyi Community here

With Mambo Gorilla Safaris we take you for the very best gorilla tours in the tropical rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda given our 9 years experience

Mountain Gorillas are one of the thirteen different primates that can be found within these countries. Apart from mountain gorillas, we also create magical primates adventures that involve trekking and watching other primates in Africa that include chimpanzees, baboons, colobus, pottos, galagos, different kinds of monkeys.

Apart from Gorilla Tours, Uganda and Rwanda have much more to offer in terms of nature and wildlife tours. Uganda’s network of over 10 national parks include vast savanna plains and forests that are home to lions, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, leopards, buffaloes to name but a few, and the many lakes and the rivers that include the Nile River that are the natural habitat of hippos, crocodiles and other wild animals. Uganda and Rwanda are also a paradise for birdwatchers with Uganda hosting more than 1000 bird species living in the region.

Mountain Gorillas are the rarest living primates surviving only in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Virunga Conservation Area. Mountain Gorilla Tracking is undeniably the best wild adventure that can either be taken on any Uganda Safari or Rwanda

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More than anyone, we know that your time is valuable and we promise to use it more efficiently. Therefore, our goal is a 24-hour response time to your inquiry. We continually update you on the status of your request keeping you informed.

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At Mambo Gorilla Safaris, we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that you experience the high standards of customer care. To begin with, we carefully select all our travel products to ensure that we’re providing you with a great mixture of facilities and destinations.

Authentic Experience

We strongly believe that a safari to Africa is truly a “trip of a lifetime” and the onus is on Smart African Travel to make your African safari dream a reality. Our style of travel is one of authentic experience. That means we burst the tourist bubble and show you the real world.

Our Guides

Our trips are led by one of our knowledgeable and experienced guides. We allocate the safari guides so that they can take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best safari trip possible.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them”

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No hidden charges, no booking fees, no extras, All taxes and surcharges are included in the prices you see.

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When you book with Mambo Gorilla Safaris you can be assured that your details are 100% safe, as all guest transactions are protected.


All our staff are aware that people are different. We value differences in people and Ideas and we treat others with dignity and esteem.

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When you book your hotel room with Mambo Gorilla Safaris, you will find that all our prices are inclusive of all meals where applicable, unlike most of our competitors!